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Perthite is used to describe an intergrowth of two feldspars a host grain of potassium rich alkali feldspar includes exsolved lamellae or irregular intergrowths of

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Perthite Property Value Comments Formula K Na AlSi3O8 K feldspar KAlSi3O8 with albite NaAlSi3O8 intergrowth Crystal System Not applicable

Flame perthite in metapelitic gneisses at Cooma SE Australia

INTRODUCTION This paper is concerned with the occurrence of flame perthite in high grade metapelitic gneisses in the Cooma Complex south


A perthite is an intimate intergrowth of sodic and potassic feldspar resulting from subsolidus exsolution unmixing of two minerals Strictly speaking a perthite

Perthite Minerals

Perthite is an intergrowth of two different Feldspar minerals in one rock Perthite is usually composed of veins or stripes of one feldspar running through a

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